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Cigarettes and tobacco products

Tobaco Trade’s portfolio comprises a wide range of cigarettes and tobacco products of recognized local and international brands.

BO and BO+

We are exclusive representative of eCIGS BO for Bulgaria.

ECIGS FrenchPuff

We are exclusive representative of FrenchPuff for Bulgaria.

Watermelon Ice

Mango Ice

Tropical Punch

Strawberry Banana

Grape Ice

Lighters and accessories

We are exclusive representative of Clipper products for Bulgaria.

Filters ZIP


Filters ZIP 160 pcs.

Filters ZIP 260 pcs.

Filters TUBU

Filters TUBU 100 pcs.

Filters TUBU 200 pcs.

Filters TUBU 400 pcs.

KORONA cigarette tubes

Cigarette tubes 110pcs.

Cigarette tubes 200pcs.

Cigarette tubes 300pcs.

Cigarette tubes 550pcs.

Cigarette tubes slim 120pcs.

Cigarette tubes slim 250pcs.

Cigarette tubes slim 500pcs.

Prepaid Mobile Services

Tobacco Trade successfully cooperates with two of the largest mobile network carriers in Bulgaria by offering their prepaid services.

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